March 20, 2022

This year we will not only celebrate #MeatIn on March 20th, but rather make it a #MeatIn weekend with all the events that are planned around the state on March 19th!

Why Does #MeatIn Day Matter?

Our industry is still facing ongoing challenges and challengers that appear tp want to harm or end beef production and subsequently harm consumers in the process. We must work to combat misinformation and detractors of our industry at all levels. The strength of the industry is rooted in your communities, and your voices must be heard and your contributions need to be recognized statewide. 

What are your #MeatIn Day Plans?

Attend An Event!- Share with CCA about the event you put on or attended.
Share your stories on social media!- Flood social media and news outlets with beef production and agriculture based posts.
Show your beef industry pride!- Colorado Beef Council has materials to celebrate BEEF Month in Colorado, Click here to place your orders or BetterWithBeef banners are available by visiting for more information!

#MeatIn Day Messages

Write your messages on social media to show your audience why the issue should matter to them. Use your personal connection and messages as a producer and/or a consumer of beef. Our goal of the day is not only to celebrate our industry but to also continue to fight to end food insecurity in Colorado and support efforts to promote and protect agriculture and food production in our state. If you need some facts, figures, or information for your messages visit or

 CCA and other beef industry partners will be joining together to celebrate contributions of beef production and agriculture and also help support childhood weekend food security through the Beef Sticks for Backpacks program. Stay tuned for information on how you can contribute to the effort!

If you would like to support the fight for agriculture in Colorado, donate here. All funds will be designated in efforts to promote and protect agriculture and food production in our state.

Take to social media with hashtags #BetterWithBeef and #MeatIn

Last year, Colorado Cattlemen's Association promoted a "Meat In" Day in Colorado on March 20, 2021.  CCA encouraged Colorado to meet in a restaurant and order your favorite meat dish, meet with family and friends for a meal featuring meat! Click here for CCA's full news release on Meat In Day's stellar success!

The goal of the day was not only to promote the benefits of meat consumption to Colorado, but to also patronize our local businesses, restaurants, etc. that have been deeply affected by the economic struggles of the pandemic. CCA worked with multiple groups across the state to promote meat products through discounts, specials, and more! Over 75 events happened and 100+ restaurants and businesses ran specials related to Meat In Day. Over 25,000 people across the state were fed free meals, including more that 1,200 food insecure residents in the Denver area. To top it off, over $300,000 was raised across Colorado to support need-based causes in the name of Meat In Day.

Meat In Day- March 20, 2021

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