Top Hand Club

The Colorado Cattlemen's Association created the exclusive Top Hand Club for its best recruiters. The Top Hand Club is an elite team of CCA members who continuously give their time and effort to help grow a strong membership.

Recruitment Contests

 To join the Top Hand Club, simply recruit TWO members to CCA each year.

Members of the Top Hand Club receive benefits like:
  • Exclusive prizes throughout the year;
  • Eligibility for CCA's individual recruitment contests;
  • A monthly email from CCA with tips and materials for recruitment, a schedule of events ideal for recruiting, and exclusive access for the best recruiting advantages;
  • Access to Top Hand Club receptions at various CCA events!

Top Hand Club 2021 Current Members
  • Beka Wall
  • Bill McKee
  • Bo Karney
  • Brice Lee
  • Heather Riley
  • Janie VanWinkle
  • Jim Santomaso
  • Joe Kasza
  • John Woodward
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Keith Pankey
  • Lori Hughes
  • Mark LeValley
  • Matt Belton
  • Mike Camblin
  • Mike Hogue
  • Nolan Davis
  • Philip Anderson
  • Richard VanEgmond
  • RJ Jolly
  • Robert Farnam
  • Shane Shulz
  • Tom & Ginny Harrington
  • Tyler & Kashley Karney
  • Tyson Brown


Recruitment Contests

Along with various, small contests throughout the year, CCA also holds a few main recruitment contests.

Tri-Annual Individual Recruiter Contests
These contests award each top individual recruiter for three periods of time in the year (January through April; May through August; September through December). Prizes vary throughout the year with generous sponsors like Greeley Hat Works.
Individual Recruiter of the Year
At the end of each year, all recruiter points from the year are counted and the top recruiter receives a model S01 chute, "The Rancher," courtesy of Troy Piper, Priefert Mfg.
2022 Individual Recruiter of the Year: Philip Anderson
Affiliate Rate-of-Growth Contest
At the end of each year, the affiliate that has recruited the greatest rate of new members will receive a recognition BBQ, generously sponsored by Gene Dubas, Dubas Cattle Company.
2022 Affiliate Rate-of-Growth: Huerfano Basin Livestock  


CCA Office

Contact for information on:

  • Top Hand Club
  • Recruitment Contests
  • Recruitment materials, tips/tricks, etc.